Give Thanks in … All things?


Hey hey!!  First off, a great big Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours this weekend!!!  I’ll be straight with you right now…this post is not near as deep as the last one…but I promise you I’ll (try) to bring it home with a power punch at the end regardless.

So you know how I mentioned that last week was a difficult week…weeeeell….the heart things got worked out but man oh man did life just keep on pulling out the stops.  I’ll give you the inside scoop.

Almost two weeks ago we discovered that two of our children picked up a nasty little case of ….ummm…let’s say a parasitic type bug….yes  yes…I know I’m supposed to be candid but I’ve gotta maintain some bit of dignity! Ha hah.  Anyways, this little “bug” was one of those lovely one’s that requires laundering almost every stinking item in the house every other day for the duration of at least two weeks…(and because I get border line paranoid/OCD when it comes to sickness…I’ll probably continue in this manner for two more weeks…just to be safe)…anyways…on with the story.  So along with laundering, mad-cleaning, and taking appropriate medication we ended up having yet another challenge in the house amidst all of the bug fun.

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