Full Disclosure Friday

Hello there Friends!

So with the start of a new year I’m excited to announce the start of something new that I’ll be beginning this year right here on my little ol’ Blog.  May I present you with:

This has always been in the back of my mind from the beginning of my blogging process, but it wasn’t something that I was ready to jump right into at the launching point as I needed more time to let the idea brew and cultivate within.

So what exactly is Full Disclosure Friday (which henceforth I’ll refer to as {FDF})?  Well, really it’s just an extension of a branch of The Candid Life…as you know, this blog is all about encouraging us to to embrace who we are by being real with ourselves and those around us…so I thought, ‘what better way to celebrate that than by highlighting aspects of my life once a week?’…not just the parts that look shiny and instaworthy (although I will likely post some of those as everything needs balance) but also those days when nothing seems to go right and the laundry load is stacked up a mile high.  We’ve all been there guys…but the funny thing is…when we’re there life has a way of convincing us that we’re alone in it…and then of course comparison, self-pity, and shame comes in when we compare our weak moments to others’ glory moments on Facebook, Instagram, or whatever your outlet may be.

These posts are not intended to be lengthy and deep…(although that’s not to say that inspiration won’t hit sometime and I end up in the depths of soul-baring honesty…ahem…moving on…), rather they will be light, fun full-disclosure snippets of my real-life…simply to encourage you that you’re not alone in your realities and to remind you that we can’t all be stellar photographers, cooks, bakers, fashionistas, or interior designers…but we sure as heck can be the best version of ourselves…and that’s what really matters!

Enjoy, have fun, and stay tuned every Friday for Full Disclosure Friday.

PS: Guys, feel free to use the tag #FullDisclosureFriday for all of your full disclosure moments and be sure to tag me at #thecandidlifeblog

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