Cheers to New Beginnings

Well guys, this is it…the moment I’ve been waiting for (and you unknowingly) for 9 months.  My baby’s here…meet The Candid Life.  When I first set out on this journey I was kind of thinking it would be a few weeks of preparation and then bang – in business!  But life happens, computer’s break down, passion’s wane and sometimes things even come to a halt altogether.

It’s definitely been a process and learning curve moving from the Blogger platform to WordPress, and seeing as I still feel very amateur about it all I’d like to make absolutely clear that this is not a blog post about the “how-to’s” of setting up a blog or of moving from one platform to another in any way, shape, or form.  Rather I’d like this to be a welcome to you and a celebration of new seasons.

Guys, to be entirely honest, when I began this process I was so much more excited to write and felt like I was brimming with new topics all the time.  It’s crazy that at the point of launching now…almost exactly a year to the month since I’ve published a blog post of any sort…I’m at a loss for words and doubting that I even have something of significance to say…but carry on I shall and as I do, I’ll trust that God will fill my mouth with the words (via my keystrokes). 😉

Maybe you guys can relate to this.  Have you ever set out to start something but ran into snag after snag in the process, and then that drove you into guilt and shame over not being where you thought you should be by now?  Perhaps you’re in that place today; wondering why you’re not where you thought you’d be at this point in the game and maybe even feeling like a failure or disappointment because of it.  I can tell you…over the course of the last 9 months I was there many times…and each time I’d have to make a choice to either stay there or to continue moving forward, trusting God in the process.

The season of waiting can be a tough place, but also one of much value and growth if we allow it. Click To Tweet The season of waiting can be a tough place to be in, but it can also be one of much value and growth if we allow it.  Sometime’s things happen quickly in life, but other times we need time to grow…and in my experience thus far, it’s been those thing’s that have been a long growth process that have been the most worthwhile.

Or maybe like I felt this week, you’re at a place where you’re now standing at the edge of what you’ve been waiting for and the temptation to turn and run the opposite direction is overwhelming you, the fear of failure and the questions of “what if?” are breathing down your back.  Maybe you’re feeling similar to what I mentioned earlier…am I even capable of doing this thing now that I’m here?  Well friend, I have good news for you; God wouldn’t have brought you (and I) to this point to set you up for failure.  It’s been said that if our dreams don’t scare us then we’re not dreaming big enough, I’d like to add to that, if we could do it on our own than why would we need faith in God, and really…what fun would that be in the end…or how eternal of an impact would it have? Whether it’s a big dream, or stepping out of our comfort zone to encourage or pray for another, God trusts us with it…He, the God of the Universe, trusts you.  Seriously guys, sometimes we just have to get over ourselves and our insecurities and just do it…in fact…I think the time for playing it safe is old news…it’s time.  And you know what…we might completely flop on our face…not just once…not just twice..but on a regular basis for awhile…but if we are secure in the love of God for us, we can trust that even in our biggest failures, He’s right there with us to pick us up, dust us off, and send us on our way cheering us along and ready to help us the next time.  Isn’t that amazing news?  So with that tidbit of hope, let’s Celebrate the season that we’re in and enjoy every moment of experiencing God’s Presence in it.



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