{FDF}: A Return to Simple

Happy Full Disclosure Friday Friends!

So in the spirit of keeping things real here on Fridays…I must share with you that I’ve come to a realization.  If you’ll recall, or if you’re new here and don’t know (welcome by the way!), when I first started {FDF} I had initially set out to keep these posts short and to the point; to center them around snippets of my real-life, with the point being to simply encourage you that we all have a less-glamorous side of life and sometimes we just need to not take ourselves so seriously and have a laugh at those moments.

My realization came this week when after the last two to three weeks I was beginning to find myself spending every free moment working on blog posts, graphics, or editing…and as a busy mama to three littles…those moments aren’t very regular.  Now I’m not sure how I got so carried away, but after doing some reflecting I realized that my Friday posts, although real and relatable (at least in my biased opinion 😉 ), were beginning to stray from the original goal of being short and to the point.  Which led me to biting off more than I could handle at this stage in the game, in writing two full-length posts every week with virtually no time to catch up.

So with that being said, things will be shifting a little bit around here on Fridays.  While there will still be a Full Disclosure Post every Friday, please keep in mind that it will be shorter than the regular post at the beginning of every week (which will remain lengthier) in keeping with my original goal.  I so appreciate your patience as I’m learning and transitioning in this.

Tell me, at what point do you recognize that you’ve taken on too much?  Are you familiar with how you carry stress in your body, sleeping and eating patterns, thoughts and emotions?  Do you recognize when your muscles are tensing up, or your jaw is clenching?  Are you aware of the gradual shift that occurs in your emotions when the work you love begins to be more of a burden than a joy?

I think it’s so important that we learn the art of being self-aware and that we regularly take inventory of our “stress triggers”.We must learn the art of being self-aware & take regular inventory of our stress triggers Click To Tweet  I know I’m so thankful for my little wake-up call!  If you aren’t in the practice of this, I would encourage you to take a few moments today to assess how you’re doing in keeping with the boundaries you’ve created, (or setting some out for yourself if you don’t have any!), or perhaps if your situation has changed and has allowed room for flexibility, where you can expand those boundaries to continue stretching and growing.

Until next week…

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