{FDF}: Mom Fashion

Hey Guys!

So today we’re talking fashion… More specifically… Mom fashion. If you’re anything like me, you likely have a Pinterest page a mile long with outfits that you’ll never actually own, let alone wear… It’s the dream closet so to speak… Great for inspiration but also great for breeding discontent. Mix in a little bit of social media, a dash of comparison, and we can be left feeling pretty defeated and inadequate at the worn-out reflection in the mirror.

So today I thought I’d share with you a typical outfit of the day when I’m doing mom-life at home (please ignore the slight belly ponch… I’m a little behind on those”eat healthier” New Year’s Resolutions).

Real splashy right? Prior to mom-life I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing matching colors on top and bottom… But when the bus is coming and you’ve gotta hustle to get the kids out the door you flip into survival mode.  Not gonna lie here… That t-shirt was totally the pj shirt from the night before, and yes – it does read “I Sleigh” because that’s totally something I say often..not really…but for that reason I love it even more. I do apologize for cutting off my head… You’re not missing much… Just bed head, glasses, and a make-up free face… Seeing as my selfie skills are at the “shallow end of the dream pool” (shout out to Scar circa 1994 courtesy of The Lion King), and I lack a selfie stick I had to resort to carefully arranging my phone in a Kleenex box and selecting the least awkwardly posed picture – which meant settling for what happened to be a headless shot.

Anyways, there ya have it friends. We’re not all fashion models and we don’t always have to have it all together. Focus on the things that really matter and let’s agree to invite perspective into our social media lives. (And I find on these half-pajama days sneaking in a quick shower.. Even if it’s at 2 pm does wonders for the morale 😉)

Until next week… Keep it real





Thank you to Angie Makes at angiemakes.com for the pretty Free Watercolor Swash shown above! Be sure to check out her lovely site. 

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