{FDF}: Productivity

G’day Friends!

Today we’re taking a look at productivity.  Sometimes productivity in the life of a mama looks like unproductivity to the eye of the beholder because the mess can be constant and the children ever-present.  Monday was one of those days for me this week.  Besides a load of laundry and getting the grocery shopping done for the week, I’d have to say that after spending much of the afternoon unsuccessfully brainstorming for the blog while the little one napped – my greatest accomplishment came later when I successfully dislodged a piece of cheese which my toddler had thought to creatively cram into a sippy cup lid while my back was turned.  (Because why wouldn’t you think to shove cheese into the unreachable crevice of a lid? I mean, she knew what it would taste like, but how it would fit into a lid…well that opened up a whole new world of possibilities!)

We all have those kinds of days.  Sometimes it looks like rejoicing over a cup that was saved from a lifetime of inevitable mold and consequently the garbage heap, and other times the victories and accomplishments are only visible to the unseen eyes of the heart.  The days where it takes everything within to get out of bed and fight for your peace within; to silence the voices of doubt and discouragement and boldly embrace the voice of Truth over and over and over again until you actually start to believe it.  Those days aren’t easy, and I know them all too well, but rather than letting them envelope us in defeat, let’s choose to both receive God’s grace and give ourselves that same grace so we can remember that every battle won, whether seen or unseen, is an accomplishment and a victory worth celebrating.

Until next week…keep it real,

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