{FDF}: When Grace Stepped In

Well friends, this week’s’ Full Disclosure Moment was brought to you by broken coffee machines, smudged nails, unravelling jeans and sad sad tears of frustration.  Tis true; while my jeans were unravelling, I’m afraid my emotions were even more so.

What started out as a beautiful Monday evening (getting out for a haircut while my husband supervised the children for thorough room cleans #BestHusbandEverAward) quickly fell apart by the typical bedtime battle…and if you asked me now what the battle was over this time…I wouldn’t be able to tell ya if my life depended on it…I just know that by the time everyone was in bed…I was exhausted and ready to relax for the evening.  (I’m sure none of you can relate to that though right? 😉 )

So anyways, rarely do I decide to take the time to paint my nails, but given that the weather had me feeling all sorts of spring and festive, I thought I’d give it a go with some nice light polish.  And that was where it all went south.  No sooner had I finished my second coat of polish, than my husband was calling me into the kitchen to check out something amiss with the coffee machine.  I entered to find that our 2 month old fancy coffee machine, with the attractive one-cup Keurig feature as well as the regular pot, the one that we were able to score for next to nothing with a left-over gift card…the one I had been super excited to upgrade to – was leaking water out of the bottom and onto the counter creating a huge mess everywhere.

Enter mess number two….so as I tried to clean up said mess and help my husband locate the source of the problem…the inevitable happened and reminded me ever so quickly of why I never paint my nails…smudge city…I’m not sure if that was what set me off, or if it was my hasty decision to rub off all of the still-gummy polish rather than repaint one nail…or if it was my husband’s announcement that the machine was broken (somehow making it more official than the water leaking out the bottom)…but either way…at that point…there was no coming back…the waterworks had begun and were in full force (and I’m not talking about the coffee machine here).  Sometimes ya just gotta cry it out – you know what I’m sayin’?

Anyways…fast forward to Tuesday evening and there I was…yet again…with another frustrating moment on my hands…or rather on my back pocket.  After finally crawling into my pj’s I discovered that the back pocket on my newest, most favorite pair of (non-ripped) jeans was unraveling and in time would fall off.  Fun fact: the jeans (like the coffee maker) cost me nothing as they were purchased with birthday money at the time.  Thankfully though this time around I was able to stay better composed and hold it together in hopes of a solution.

So long story short, I was able to contact customer service for the coffee machine and found out that I could return it to a location relatively close and that they could have the replacement sent directly to me with no extra shipping fees.  Whew – what a relief (especially after reading in the manual that shipping there and back would be at the customer’s expense)!

Next up was the jeans…I wasn’t really banking on much for that one as I no longer had the receipt…but thought I’d try nonetheless.  Now here was where it got interesting…the Store Manager’s name, who happened to answer the phone, was “Grace”.  Now being that I’m a Christian that name stuck with me easily…which is not the norm (trust me…I’m horrid…absolutely horrid…with names…I’ve learned to adapt…and by that I mean…find ways to address people without using their name…I apologize profusely if you can recall an incident where I’ve done this with you….I blame it on my mom brain..anyways…I digress)….but I didn’t think much about it beyond that.  By the end of the conversation (actually it was pretty short and sweet) Grace had assured me that my pair of jeans could be returned within the next few days when she would be working and they could be replaced with the same pair at no cost to me as it was most likely a manufactures’ defect.  I was more than pleased to hear that!

By now I’m sure you’re wondering if I’m going to make any point at all today…or if I’m just rambling about my less-than-exciting week.  Well…here she be.  As I was pondering on these little incidents I started seeing the parallel between the broken objects…both items had come at no cost to me whatsoever…both were less than 3 months old…yet both items, although new and well-treated had a manufactures defect.  And then as I thought about both items being replaced free of charge, it struck me….Grace…the Store Manager…Grace stepped in and fixed what I couldn’t.  That was the bigger picture here…that was the ultimate parallel.  A picture of grace (not to be confused with Grace my new friend).

That's what the grace of God does; it offers favor when favor is neither earned nor deserved Click To Tweet

You see, that’s what the grace of God does…it offers favor when favor is neither earned nor deserved.  Regardless of how new and shiny we look or feel on the outside…we all have this inward bent to sin, to be selfish, to be unkind, to be unloving…it’s a defect…but if we stay focused on those defects we only become frustrated and discouraged – and grace stands off at a distance.  But just like when I turned my attention from my broken items and sought help;

when we chose to turn from our place of brokenness and look to God for help, His grace can then step in and offer us what we couldn’t find ourselves….an exchange of our brokenness for His wholeness…His message in the midst of our mess and fresh strength to take a new grip and courageously carry on.

This grace is not a quick fix band-aid for our wounds.  No, rather, it is the kind of enabling power that causes us to fearlessly conquer our deeper inadequacies as we look to our Heavenly Father; for it’s in the looking to Him that we find the reassurance that He is more than adequate and able to shape us into the beautiful image that He sees us as.  So take courage today because the grace you need is waiting to step in…you need only look up.





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