{FDF}: When Life Throws You A Snag

Happy Friday Friends!

If I’m going to be completely honest with you here though, I must admit, that first of all…it’s actually Thursday…and while it started out to be a great day today, it all quickly went south when I ran into some computer issues. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s ever had that problem!

So I was thinking about how I respond when something happens that is beyond my control.  Computer’s are a biggie for me, as I know the bare minimum in order to keep my Blog up and running but when I run into a snag, and it’s happened a couple of times now in the past few weeks, I’m very much at the mercy of Help Forums and Google Search…and that can leave me feeling very frustrated and powerless…two words I’m not very fond of.

Looking back at how I usually react in times like these…well I can see why I’ve left feeling less like a champ and more like a chump.  Most times I repetitively do the same thing – close the program, log off, log back on, open the program, recreate the scenario, hope for different results…and when I get the same…hit the help button…and start through the whole cycle again.  Talk about spinning your wheels!  It’s no wonder I’m feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and powerless by the time I finally give up!

Maybe you can relate.  Maybe you’ve been in situations beyond your control.  Maybe you’ve felt that powerlessness and frustration that I felt.  In fact – I’m positive you have, because that’s just life.  So how can we respond when things like this happen?

Well, in my instance today…I could feel the wheels spinning…I could feel the frustration rising…and well…the tears were already beginning to stream down my face as I helplessly stood up…BUT…that was where I did something different!

I stood up!

Simple right?  But powerful!

You see, in standing up, I was choosing to step away from the situation that was causing me so much frustration; to do something different, and really – it wasn’t until after I changed my position that I realized how important that decision was.

Did I do something drastic?  Did I call every techy person I knew?  (while the temptation was there…common sense told me that they’d all be busy at work at the moment anyways..sooooo no I didn’t)  Nope, instead I saw that it was lunch time, and while I’m usually terrible at breaking for lunch if my toddler is napping because I like to keep barreling through to get as much done in that time as possible (which is also why events like this cause so much frustration being a busy mama with so little time) I decided to break for lunch and some fresh air (since this week has been crazy warm for February in Canada – bring it on!).  And it wasn’t until I was away from the situation that I could feel the weight of it all lift off of me and new perspective move in.

And that’s the ticket right there.  In order for us to stand up, we must change position; that means that as we interrupt the current crazy cycle that we’re in we become free to see things from a new perspective, an elevated perspective.  It’s like we become detached for long enough from the situation and the emotions of it that we are then free to see it in a new light.

As we interrupt our crazy cycle we become free to see things from a new elevated perspective Click To Tweet

So what did I see from my new perspective?  Well, first off I could see that I needed help because this was beyond my reach.  It’s interesting because this morning I read and wrote this verse out for the day:

“Come and listen to my counsel.  I’ll share my heart with you and make you wise.”  ~Proverbs 1:23

So first off, I went to God while I was having my lunch and I dumped my frustration off on Him, then I asked for help.  After that I felt like I was in a much better position to seek help from the good old-fashioned “help/contact us” feature without losing my mind on those poor folks.  You see, when we’re in the midst of that cycle and we’re being overwhelmed by it all, just like someone who is drowning at sea – we can completely miss the help that is right there, literally within arms reach, and sometimes we can even fight it without meaning to.

I recall being in swimming lessons and being taught that in a rescue, the victim can be so fearful that their adrenaline will actually increase their strength so that they could potentially drown their rescuer…so the solution…punch them if need be – but do not let them overpower you…or you’ll both drown.  Now punching ourselves out is a little drastic of a solution…well….a lot drastic…ha hah I bet it even shocked you reading that just now….but the principle remains the same… the punch interrupts the situation so that the individual is in a place where they can now receive help.

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So after seeking out the help I needed I switched gears and moved on to something else while I waited to hear back on my questions; and while it was tempting to return to that cycle of figuring it out myself, instead, I held off until the answer came (something I’m learning to do…although I will admit, the abnormally warm weather also helped…’stay indoors with the stupid computer or get out in the lovely sunshine?’…sunshine you win – hands down!).

Friends, I know the temptation can be huge to jump back into looking for an answer when you’re in that period of waiting, whether it’s something little like my frustration (which I’ll point out – certainly did NOT seem little at the moment! ha hah), or whether it’s something larger, like waiting on your dream, your career, a spouse, a baby, healing, to get out of debt, to move, to change…whatever…but just trust me…it’s always better to leave it in God’s hands…and I’m not downplaying the difficulty of your situation…I know what it’s like to wait for something that you have no control over, and all of the pain, the thoughts and the emotions that go with it..but friends…it’s better to trust.

Trust that He has a plan, believe that He has your best interest in mind…and every time the temptation comes up again to figure it out – remember the weight of it when you were in that cycle of frustration and hopelessness and let Him have it.  He’ll show you the next step to take when the time is right – you won’t miss it.

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Now, I’m happy to report that this story has a happy ending.  The solution did not come from the help that I sought, but it did point me in the right direction for more help, whereupon I indeed found the answer to my dilemma (and guess what? I actually learned something techy!).  Upon reflecting, I think what struck me the most in all of this was how frustrated I initially was…and could have been had I stayed on that path.  I obviously didn’t consciously think this, but I think somewhere I had this expectation that life should go smoothly and shouldn’t have roadblocks; so then when I did encounter one…all of that frustration would come up almost as a way of saying, “I can’t believe something went wrong! Everything’s supposed to go off without a hitch!”

Maybe you can relate?  Maybe you can see that same reaction within yourself…frustration, feeling overwhelmed at your inability to do anything, angry, hopeless.

Friends, can I be so bold to say, that perhaps it’s because we’ve believed a lie…a lie that’s told us that “everything is supposed to go smoothly and if it doesn’t then it must be because we’ve done something wrong”?

Well I for one, have believed that lie for far too long…it’s caused me to get stuck, to be selfish, and to have tunnel vision.  I think it’s time that we start believing the truth; that life is bumpy, it has detours, and yes, some are self-inflicted, but for the most part…it’s curveballs…things we didn’t plan for, or see coming…and the important thing is not if or when we get out No, the important thing is how we come through.

You see these situations will either make you bitter or they’ll make you better, they’ll either best you, or they will bring out your best.  Your troubles of today are someone else’s triumphs for tomorrow.

Your troubles of today are someone else's triumphs for tomorrow. Click To Tweet

Allow every roadblock to shape you into the person that you want to be, because when you do come through it, there will be more challenges…but with every challenge comes the opportunity for growth to better prepare you for your future.  So let’s be individuals who expect challenges, who grow through them for not only our benefit, but for the benefit of those around us, and who run out to greet them with tenacity, leaving our timidity in the dust.




PS: I do apologize for getting long-winded & all serious on this Full Disclosure Friday…I swear I had no idea it was going here when I first started!  But see look…my trouble became your triumph…and mine…gonna have to review this again I’m sure! 😉 )


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