Give Thanks in … All things?


Hey hey!!  First off, a great big Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours this weekend!!!  I’ll be straight with you right now…this post is not near as deep as the last one…but I promise you I’ll (try) to bring it home with a power punch at the end regardless.

So you know how I mentioned that last week was a difficult week…weeeeell….the heart things got worked out but man oh man did life just keep on pulling out the stops.  I’ll give you the inside scoop.

Almost two weeks ago we discovered that two of our children picked up a nasty little case of ….ummm…let’s say a parasitic type bug….yes  yes…I know I’m supposed to be candid but I’ve gotta maintain some bit of dignity! Ha hah.  Anyways, this little “bug” was one of those lovely one’s that requires laundering almost every stinking item in the house every other day for the duration of at least two weeks…(and because I get border line paranoid/OCD when it comes to sickness…I’ll probably continue in this manner for two more weeks…just to be safe)…anyways…on with the story.  So along with laundering, mad-cleaning, and taking appropriate medication we ended up having yet another challenge in the house amidst all of the bug fun.

The super old in-wall oven (which has done us quite well in its old age) decided that a few weeks ago was a fine time to break down.  So of course we’ve been in the process of getting it repaired, but you know the saying…”if something’s going to go wrong…” …and I”ll paraphrase the rest…”it’ll happen right before a Holiday weekend”.

So as if that weren’t enough, first thing this morning while getting the older two children ready for school, my sweet little toddler ended the mystery from yesterday as to why she wasn’t hungry…when she threw up several times as I was rushing around trying to get everyone else out the door.  Fun times.

Now being that this weekend was supposed to be full of feasting, festivity and family, my husband and I were faced last night with the sad choice of canceling our outings in the best interest of the other’s attending.  This left me with the sad realization that we would be without a tasty turkey dinner without a properly functioning oven, and a long weekend with no plans at all (which is not always such a bad thing…but the kids were looking forward to this one).

Straight up, I was disappointed over this major suck-fest…but honestly…who can stay miserable over a holiday that celebrates being Thankful!?  So although I’ll be missing the regular celebratory events…here are the bright points.  First off, although my youngest was puking this morning, she has been on a steady uphill climb since noonish…which means maybe, just maybe we can still have a low-key family outing tomorrow with just our own little crew.  Secondly, thanks to the other little bug issue (I really am disliking calling it that now…let’s call it uninvited visitor…), so thanks to that, my house was already on a strict cleaning routine and yesterday just happened to be my big clean day which included floors, and all toys getting a hot bleach bath/laundry tumble…Aaaaaand in my wisdom yesterday after that major clean I decided that it would be best to leave those toys out of sight until we were in the clear….so all that meant that today involved very little disinfecting for the puky-bug and lot’s of snuggles with my little one.  And lastly, my dear mom has baked us one of her famous apple pie’s and is bringing it over for our enjoyment tomorrow.

So friends, with all that being said…I have much to be thankful for…and I’m sure if you look closely enough…so do you.  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend and eat some turkey and stuffing for me!  As for me…I’m off now to attempt baking a Pumpkin Dump Cake in my slow-heating oven…pray she’ll make it up to 375 F!



Thank you to Angie Makes at for the pretty Free Watercolor Swash shown above! Be sure to check out her lovely site. 

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  1. I am cooking on Sunday for Michael’s family. I have a roaster (like a crockpot) that works great for turkeys. I can drop it off on the way to grand bend on Monday … and pick up after your dinner is cooked. Let me know:). Connie

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