About Me

So you’ve somehow stumbled upon my little corner of the world wide web and now you may be asking yourself, “who is this girl anyways?”. Well let me ease your mind and corner your curiosity by saying a few things about myself and how I came to form The Candid Life.

First off, my name is Crystal, my age is irrelevant (let’s just say “young”), and my occupation is too broad to nail down into one word (but if I had to select something it would be “full time, volunteer mom/wife/homemaker/jack-of-all-trades person”) All that being said, I have three little people in total and as of yet no pets (RIP: Freckle Fish).

I’ve enjoyed journaling my thoughts for as long as I can remember but didn’t actually begin sharing my writing until 2014 when I began my blogging journey at my former page “Speak Something Beautiful”. At that time I was just really starting to embrace my creative side and explore what that looked like for me as a stay-at-home mom, then baby number three came along, writing slowed down, and mom-life sped up. Fast forward to the present and here we are with a brand new name and look.

If I could sum myself up in a word it would likely be “real” (in the spirit of being real though, I went with “Candid” because…well…let’s face it…The Real Life just isn’t that catchy).  Wading through the world of social media I found one thing to be true, and that for the most part, is that nothing is true.  While I’m neither opposed to, nor a stranger of highly filtered Instagram posts, I also couldn’t help but notice that the filter’s didn’t stop at the pictures…we’ve very much become a generation of chameleons who can hide behind whatever image we want to portray on a screen by picking and choosing the highlights of our lives and then applying this same filter to the way we view the world around us.  Rather than seeing the highlights for what they are…capturing a good moment in time…we tend to apply that filter to the entire story and then of course, our own lives seem small and mundane in comparison.  Been there…done that…still sometimes end up in that trap…yikes…but less and less.

So with that being said, part of my passion in life comes from being able to encourage other’s by being real with my life, my struggles, my victories, and just who I am in general.  That’s not to say that it’s always super easy to be real, but I’ve found that the more real I can be, the more free I become, and when I share my realities, that freedom doesn’t stay limited to just my own life.  It’s my hope and prayer that as you visit here you’ll be encouraged that you are never alone in your struggles; challenged to be real with yourself, and empowered to courageously live out your own candid story…because all of our stories are important…and it’s those stories that make the difference.