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Guys, this question may seem ridiculous, but I’m going to ask it anyways.  Have you ever been in a situation where there was literally nothing you could do to fix it?  (If you answer no to that then please feel free to contact me and solve all of my problems)  Well, that’s where I found myself over the last few weeks/month.

Remember back at Thanksgiving when I mentioned about our little health dilemma?  If you’re out of the loop, long story short, one of my beautiful, happy, healthy kids happened to pick up a not-so-beautiful, not-so-happy little “friend” from the cesspool of germs that we like to call “school”.  Honestly guys, before having children I thought the worst possible things for kids to bring home were head lice (and, thank you Jesus we haven’t had to deal with that one…yet…or hopefully ever), and puking…and while I’d rather go through labor again than have to clean up from either of those messes…believe it or not, there are others out there that are just as bad.

So, all of that to say, that it was one of those types of things that required thorough cleaning on an every-other-day basis of floors, bedding, towels, and clothing for two weeks, along with the proper medication for all of course.  I should mention before I send all of the parents out there into panic-mode that this wasn’t anything serious to our health by any means…rather one that was a huge nuisance and treatable.  Anyways, after following the proper two-week course of action, and a second dosage of follow-up treatment to take care of anything that was missed the first time, (followed by 2 more weeks of strict cleaning – just to be safe), I found myself last week feeling very paranoid, and anxiety ridden, wondering if this was finally behind us (after nearly a month), or if I should still be concerned and go for a third treatment for everyone (even though all symptoms were pointing to “no”…even after a call to Telehealth)

Was I being diligent?  One could say “yes”.  Was I beginning to cross the line into fear, panic, and anxiety?  One could also say “yes”.  I found myself scouring Google for answers on a daily hourly basis, looking for symptoms like Sherlock would clues, and pouring all of my energy, thoughts, and emotions into finding a solution and confirmation that would convince me that this nightmare was behind us for good.  It wasn’t until late in the week, when speaking with my husband about all of my findings and breaking down in a puddle of tears, did I realize how much this was affecting me and that I was finally at my breaking point.  (Funny how we can sometimes be so completely oblivious to ourselves, isn’t it?)

Anyways, we talked it out, and I asked if he could pray for me and for the entire situation.  Now I had been praying for answers before this, but it wasn’t until immediately after my husband’s prayer, acknowledging that this was out of our control and out of our hands, as peace flooded over me and anxiety left, that I had a realization.  And here it was: I realized that this entire time my focus was on the wrong thing.  While it was good and responsible and necessary of me to follow the proper course of treatment; while doing so, I had shifted my faith off of God and onto the treatment…I had made the treatment the thing that I placed all of my confidence, hope, and belief in for the answer, rather than in God, who was more steady, sure, and unwavering than any treatment could ever be.  The treatment could be followed, but the confirmation of it working that I wanted so badly, could only be found by placing my hope and faith in Christ…by trusting that He was able to take care of the situation and clean up what humanly was impossible for me to ever know if I had fully done.  Now here’s the real kicker guys…only a few nights before at our church Fusion Family night I had taught the scheduled lesson about the Israelites crossing the Red Sea, and about being brave and trusting God when situations are impossible and beyond our control.  It would seem I didn’t quite get it, but trust me…I’m totally getting it now!

Here’s the thing friends, in our day and age, we literally have the world at our fingertips when it comes to searching for solutions…Google is only ever a click away…there’s no end to the voices, opinions, and experts out there.  Yet now, in a society that should have more answers than questions, we find ourselves with more anxieties, doubts, stress, and impossibilities than ever before.  And while I’m not saying that we should neglect the resources at our disposal, what I am suggesting is that perhaps all of this time, amidst the wealth of answers available to us, we’ve overlooked the one true solution that’s been there for us just as long and sure and steady as the sun that rises each morning.  Maybe, just maybe, the hope and peace and the answer we’ve been looking for is found in the person of Jesus.

Perhaps all of this time, amidst the wealth of answers available to us, we’ve overlooked the one true solution that’s been there for us just as long and sure and steady as the sun that rises each morning.  Maybe, just maybe, the hope and peace and the answer we’ve been looking for is found in the person of Jesus.

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I’m not saying that when you throw your hope and faith on to Him that your problems will all be fixed or will suddenly disappear; honestly I don’t even know if our little problem has been solved, but what I can tell you is that when you shift your focus onto Him and turn your worries and search for answers into prayers…something happens…and the things that formerly looked impossible and had the power to cripple you in worry and fear slowly begin to lose their strength in the loving hands of an unchanging, all-knowing God who has your best interest in mind…and to me, that peace and hope in the midst of waiting for an answer, is worth far more than the end fix.  And besides all that guys, is it really that much of a stretch to trust an invisible God with your issues…I mean, compared to WebMD…it can’t be that bad…and the bonus…is that you won’t be left feeling like you’ve got more symptoms and problems than what you started with!  (And speaking of problems…a word of wisdom…don’t Blog while making potatoes…let’s just say the pot may require much scrubbing…but hey! on the bright side, at least it was before the potatoes made it into the pot!)


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