You Are Not Enough


So how about that weather?  (I know…a title like that and I’m talking about the weather…risky business indeed but yeah I went there and you’ll see why soon enough)  It’s Fall here in Canada, but this week it felt like a touch of Summer; and it would seem that the change of seasons has thrown not only the temperature gauge into confusion, but also my skin.  Between the acne breakout and the dark bags under my eyes, my body isn’t sure whether it’s a teenager or a tired grown woman…and after all of the Thanksgiving indulges and the Pre-Halloween candy lying around, let’s not even discuss my waistline…or lack thereof.  And then there’s the matter of my hair which is in serious need of a change but the jury’s still out on “to chop or not to chop”…feel free to cast a vote…I made an appointment for next week in blind faith.

So needless to say, it was a top-bun, avoid-the-mirror-at-all-costs kind of day.  I’m sure you can relate…that struggle of…”enough”.  Not young enough, pretty enough, smart enough, tall enough, muscular enough, short enough, thin enough, stylish enough, rich enough, kind enough, patient enough, loving enough, enough of a mother/father, husband/wife, brother/sister, friend, son/daughter and the list goes on and on and on…but the bottom line…spoken or not…hidden in over-achievement, or silently hushed in defeat…is that old familiar voice that says “you are not enough”.

Where does this voice come from anyways, and why are we so quick to agree with it?  I mean, you’d think we would show ourselves a bit more love than we do….after all…if someone showed up at our door to tell us that they thought we were a lousy, useless person our first instinct sure would not be to invite them in to hear all about it over coffee…so why do we do that when these messages show up in our minds?

Unfortunately we live in a culture that is driven by this message, we hear it in every song love song declaring our need or lack of need for another, we see it in every billboard, magazine, mall, advertisement, you-name-it that screams out for us to buy their product, claiming it will fix our every problem and fill our every need, and we experience it in the ever-changing world of technology as we tire of our “old” devices after less than a year when the next best thing is released.  Heck, my kids can’t even get away from that message when they get their cookie treat at the grocery store but forget all about that when they see the Kinder Eggs at the checkout line.  So you see, it shouldn’t really come as a surprise to us when we find ourselves repeating this same message to ourselves that we’ve been bombarded with from every angle and at every opportunity.

I’m sure you’re thinking, this is all very informative and all, but what the heck am I supposed to do with that struggle for enough?  Well, here’s the thing guys.  We all struggle with it, but everywhere we look the solutions are only ever temporary…they always run out, and they always leave us needing to come back for more…

The fact is, in an over-saturated society that has thrown us sugary substitutes, tasting good at the time but leaving us craving more….we’re parched for something deeper, something more significant, something real that will quench our thirst…that will be enough.

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So what’s the solution to thirst?  Water.  Pure H2O.  Maybe you’ve never heard this before, or maybe it’s old news to you and has lost it’s significance somewhere on a dusty pew in your childhood…but here it is: in ourselves…we aren’t enough…and when we go down that path to try to make ourselves enough…no matter how good it seems…we will always, always, always fall short at some point or another.  We were never created to have to bear such a huge burden…think about it…being given the task of trying to “be enough” your whole life…it doesn’t really seem like a gift to matter how positive of a person you are.

But to be given the gift of someone else’s “enough” to fill my “not enough”…and to fill it permanently…to be there to remind me of this gift whenever I feel myself treading the waters of “being enough”, that I can readily draw from it…now that…that to me is a priceless thing.

And here’s the good news, this gift does exist and this person is more real than the breath in your lungs…this is Who Christ is…He is Enough…enough for your inadequacies, inefficiencies and all of your “not enough’s”…try Him…you’ll see.



Thank you to Astrid Mueller at for the pretty Free Watercolor brush stroke shown above! Be sure to check out her lovely site.

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  1. Thankyou Crystal, this message goes beyond the age barrier. As we get older, (and I mean older,60,70) this increases if we don’t have an outlet that isn’t temporary. There are many lonely people ,who need to meet their solution.Jesus is the way,truth and LIFE!!!!

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