You’re Gonna be Okay

Hey you! Yes you – beautiful mama over there…the one running her fingers through her 2 day old dry-shampooed hair; the one harshly critiquing those stretch marks and that baby belly that bravely held life for 9 months; the mama with the bags under her eyes because she had one too many interruptions in the night to calm scared little ones who awoke from bad dreams; the mom frustrated and overwhelmed with her pre-teens and teens who suddenly think they know everything about life; the mama over there scrambling to get the kids out the door for school so that the bus isn’t waiting on them…again….I’m talking to you….

I know the stress of the mounting pile of laundry, or toys, or dishes, or papers…the never-ending task of picking up and putting away the things…oh the things….again and again and again…so much stuff!

I see the frustration, the weariness, the exhaustion, the anger, the hopelessness, the weight of it all…. the weight of the thoughts, of the expectations, of the hopes, of the disappointments, of the desires, of the dreams…I see it and I feel it too.

I see you struggling to do your best, but at the same time wanting to just quit. I see you wanting to connect genuinely with your children, with your spouse…but also just wanting a few moments to yourself to forget about all of the responsibility, to just relax. I see you patiently listening to each one tell about their day, giving your best to just be in the moment with them…to soak it all up…but simultaneously being so overcome with guilt at your desire to just get it over with so you can get to your “me time”. I see you trying to fall asleep at night, but tossing and turning, replaying all of the moments that you lost your cool…the moments that you could have spent bonding with your children instead of criticizing them, instead of cleaning, instead of answering that text or checking that post….I see the guilt of all that you didn’t do to make your husband feel important and loved today…the missed kisses, hugs, thank you’s…the guilt over the angry and impatient words and tone spoken in haste…I see the comparison to the other mom’s out there that packed their children those home-made healthy lunches instead of the pre-made on-sale cookies. I see the disappointment within yourself for missing yet another day of exercise…and not sticking to those healthy eating habits…I see the undesirability and unattractiveness you feel..and then the guilt that arises yet again for being so focused on yourself instead of everyone else around you. I see it all.

Here’s the thing mama….what you’re feeling…and even what you’re thinking right now…”does it all even matter?” …”do I even really matter?”…..the answer is…


an emphatic “YES!”

Yes you do matter.

And Yes, you’re going to be okay.

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You’re not alone.  You wanna know how I know?  Because I’ve experienced it…because I’ve been in that same battle so many times friend….because:

Every. Single. Time. He is right there with me…my Heavenly Father.

He is right there with you too.

He’s right there, smack dab in the middle of it all…in the middle of the mess…in the middle of the thoughts…in the middle of the exhaustion…in the middle of the fears, of the hopes, of the desires…

He is there.

He is the One who sees it all.

And He wants you to know that you’re gonna be okay. You’re going to get through this, and you’re going to succeed. He’s there to quiet your soul with His love…His arms aren’t too tired to hold you…and He’s not too busy to soothe you. In fact…He’s waiting for an invitation from you….so that He can come and carry you…so that He can lift those weights off of your shoulders…His are plenty big enough for them…He’s there to remind you of who you really are…and of Whose you really are.

So just let it all go…and grab onto Him…because He is all you need.

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